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Breast tissue is found in the breast, upper chest and the armpit. Each breast contains glands called lobes, where milk is produced. These lobes are connected to the nipple by tubes called ducts. The structure of the lobes and ducts is a bit like the branches of a tree. Breast cancer usually begins within the lobes.
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How breast cancer starts and grows

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Wouldn't Hit a Girl | All The Tropes Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Rand : "Rest assured that I cannot harm women. Even those who are my mortal enemies. On average, men have greater upper body strength than women. Because most people don't actually understand concepts like "average" very well , in a lot of people's minds this turns into "any given man is always much, much stronger than any given woman. When applied to ordinary bar fights , schoolyard throwdowns, duels of honor and so on, the trope is well-meaning if also rather sexist against both men and women , albeit in different ways.
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8 Things to Know About Running and Your Breasts

Top definition. Unitit unknown. A phenomena abnormally seen in lanky adolescent males where the sternum protrudes outward, creating a tent-like formation in the middle of ones chest when wearing a a shirt. It must be noted that this particular pathology almost always occurs with pectoral muscle atrophy , generally caused from lack of athleticism and spending ones time playing video games for extended periods of time.
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They just hitch a ride and get in the way—requiring their own special equipment and in some cases, causing discomfort. In a study of female runners at the London Marathon , 32 percent said they experienced occasional pain in their breasts. Of those, 17 percent sometimes cut back on their training because of breast pain. But the news is not all bad.

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