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Go to an Anime Club meeting at Tech, and you might notice a disparity of women in attendance. As I took my seat at the first meeting of the year, it became immediately clear that I was one of roughly three women in an audience of at least 50 people. The lights went off, the first few episodes played, and I began to realize why — many of the anime selected by the club board featured quite the variety of characterized tits. Not female characters with any personality to speak of, but supple, bouncy, comically large breasts. Instead, many of the characters were caricatures of the typical hyper-feminine Asian woman, who young American men love to sexualize. I do not necessarily blame the GT Anime Club for showing anime featuring an abundance of characterized tits.
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What is a loli?

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14 Anime Characters Who Don't Look Their Age

Anime is filled with a variety of different characters: valiant protagonists, evil antagonists, and of course Anime children come in all shapes and sizes. From innocent youngsters to kids more mature than your average adult, let's take a look at 15 fantastic boys and girls! In real life and in anime, it's not unusual for some children to be smarter, braver, and more insightful than the adults they are surrounded with. It's true that they can sometimes give you the creeps with their perceptiveness and crazy outbursts, but these young prodigies are nonetheless impressive, to say the least.
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How to Draw Young Anime Girls

They're young, or young looking, and they've been a staple in anime for a long time. Today, we're going to list twenty cute loli anime characters. Note: this article is SFW.
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Gender non-conforming characters are quite common in anime. Ones that are actually handled well, though? Heavy-handed, perhaps, but it was still good enough representation to inspire a slew of thinkpieces calling her the best trans girl in anime. Dororo — a reinterpretation of the classic Osamu Tezuka samurai manga about a young man by the name of Hyakkimaru whose organs and limbs were traded to demons before his birth, and who now wanders the countryside with the young thief Dororo, killing demons to reclaim his body — also features a trans character in the form of its titular thief. Dororo being designated female at birth was always part of the manga, so I was looking forward to see how the anime handled it.

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