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His stories are slick with the grease of old-style exploitation, promising the sleazy, easy pleasures of lust, wrath and other deadly sins. Underneath the surface of racial and sexual button pushing, behind the brandished guns and bared breasts, is a heart of pure, buttery cornpone. In the earlier movie the hero was a soulful pimp with dreams of hip-hop glory. This time he is a retired blues singer with woman troubles and a vegetable farm.
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Old Smiley: Black Snake Moan

The principal actors in this film are Samuel Jackson and Christina Ricci. Jackson who appears in more films than anyone I can think of plays an aging blues singer named Lazarus whose wife leaves him early in the film. His head is half-shaved in the film, evidently to suggest a radically receded hair line, but it looks fake. Christina Ricci's character is Rae, who is half-naked throughout much of the film. Black Snake Moan begins with film clips from an interview with the bluesman Son House, who explains the blues as a musical form about relationships of men and women.
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Ricci, in yet another iconic turn in her strange and brilliant career, spends half the movie in her underwear racked with erotic conniptions and Jackson gives one of the best actor-playing-music performances you are going to find on film. At grave personal risk to himself Lazarus takes Rae in, nurses her back to health, and when she awakes from her physical illness, insists that she take the whole cure, in the form of the chain, and heal her spirit. Within the conceits of the film it could be said that Lazarus tames a bad girl and makes her good but on another level you could say that he provides the solid masculine force for Rae to push against as she takes ownership of her power. I am sure that there is much to be troubled by in the story of a man who chains a half-naked young woman to a radiator, and yet I could not help but be moved by this film. I know that I have often felt the woman in my life wanting me to boldly take charge of a situation, even as a more vocal aspect of her seemingly makes it clear that she wants to bolt or fight or fuck it all to hell.
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Post a Comment. Monday, July 9, Black Snake Moan. Epatha Merkerson Running Time: min.

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