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Copper and black striped snake

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There are almost 3, species of snakes, and only of those are venomous. Although snakes are found on every continent except Antarctica and in almost every country, they are most common in tropical regions. Snakes typically hunt small animals, such as insects, rodents and birds. There are, however, some species that inject venom in their bites.
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Central Florida's Snakes

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Snakes of Pennsylvania: 21 species, 3 of them venomous -

Buy Tickets Now. Copperheads are thick-bodied snakes with keeled scales. The northern copperhead has an unmarked, copper-colored head and reddish-brown, coppery body with chestnut brown crossbands. The bands are mostly hourglass-shaped, with the wider portions of the shape on either side of the snake's body and the narrower part of the shape crossing the snake's back over the tailbone. These pits detect objects that are warmer than the environment and enable copperheads to locate nocturnal, mammalian prey.
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Snake of Massachusetts

Eastern Copperhead Agkistrodon contortrix Average Length: in. Safety Precautions in Copperhead Country. Northern Cottonmouth Agkistrodon piscivorus Average Length: in.
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Snakes Sorted by Total Body Length. The identification keys are based on color, pattern and other physical characteristics. Each snake identification page has two options, A and B follow the options through the pages. A - Snake has round pupils and no heat sensing pits Click Here - Section 4. B - Snake has vertical pupils and heat sensing pits Click Here - Section 2.

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