Fab labs – A global platform for common thinking

Architecture is not only what is built. Architecture is a shared knowledge out of which every architectural project (and every building) is made.

To make the common explicit means to theorize architecture not as the product of individual contributions, but as a collective force, as a pre-individual reality that is both the productive basis of architectural production but also something autonomous, something that exceeds its technical and commercial determination and which addresses and manifests our collective understanding of the space we live. Here I would like to explore the impact of fab labs in the current architecture panorama.

The digital transformation of the architectural practice has expanded the way architects collaborate. Currently, digital technology has enabled new design methods, casting a revaluation of theories related to design. Fab labs have become a remarkable creative resource. Because all Fab Labs share common tools and processes, they are building a global network, a distributed laboratory for research and invention.

New technologies and the open source approach of the fab lab movement are changing the way of making and designing. In fab labs, the common is the commons: resources that are owned collectively and for this reason, could not be made a private property.

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