Letters from the front #12 *

Letters from the front_Daniela Silva #12

Dear Studio,


Lisbon is a city built on seven hills, so there are plenty of opportunities to get above the city for panoramic views. One of those places is the Castle, in the heart of the historical center. That also means that those are not the most accessible areas to visit. With that in mind, the city has started an accessibility plan to facilitate the pedestrian access to the city higher points. This includes the construction of several escalators along the city hills.

This plan has the purpose to mitigate the barriers imposed by the topography of the land and by the characteristics of the urban area of this historical area.

The construction is ongoing, and soon the higher points of the city topography will no longer be an arduous point to reach when visiting the city.


All the best from Lisbon,

Daniela Silva

* Este artigo foi originalmente produzido como correspondente da STUDIO Urban Magazine [05/09/2018]

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