Letters from the front #11 *


Dear Studio,


The revitalization processes are an important strategy for every contemporary city, and the so-called historic center of Lisbon is no different. It’s an area which had been considered by different actors, both internally and externally, as requiring an intervention in order to respond to physical decay and social vulnerabilities.

In view of the global transformations with local consequences, urban policies tend to prioritize a concerted action at the local level via interventions that reflect the growing trend of combining economic growth and social justice.

There is a growing interest in using centers as a visiting room in the promotion of cities within the global arena. At a time when the level of quality of life that a city offers and in which leisure is one important aspect, and tourism is becoming increasingly significant in terms of revenues, not only areas with emblematic monuments are appropriated for consumption but also neighborhoods in inner areas often marked by physical decay and major social vulnerabilities that have to be addressed.


All the best from Lisbon,

Daniela Silva

* Este artigo foi originalmente produzido como correspondente da STUDIO Urban Magazine [20/08/2018]

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