Letters from the front #8 *

Letters from the front_Daniela Silva #8.jpg

Dear Studio,


In Lisbon, the architecture and the construction seem to be in a frank recovery after the crisis that has been so hard since the beginning of the decade.

The rehabilitation of the historic center has brought new dynamics to the area of construction, be it in the rehabilitation or reconstruction of buildings.

There is a large general agreement on what constitutes “demolition”: it is the complete elimination of all parts of a building at a specific location and time – typically it is the end of life for the building. The demolition of historic buildings, public or private, being legal is almost always controversial because it affects the relationship with the collective memory of the city.

Memory is possible because it is collective. An individual knows herself or himself as a being of enduring, if evolving, character because she or he possesses memories that are collectively articulated, revised, and confirmed.

When a neighborhood suffers demolition or decay, the individual inhabitant feels that a whole part of himself is dying. How, then, might the city function as an image of collective memory?


All the best from Lisbon,

Daniela Silva

* Este artigo foi originalmente produzido como correspondente da STUDIO Urban Magazine [30/07/2018]

Imagem: Panorâmico de Monsanto , Lisboa.

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