Letters from the front #7 *

Letters from the front_Daniela Silva #7

Dear Studio,


When we imagine a street, we see the same elements that define the familiar topology: road, pavements, scattered lampposts, signs, litter bins and perhaps some street furniture. Yet there is one stark difference between cities: the climate. In Lisbon the climate allows city folk to wander the streets or sit outside for coffee.

In the field of urban design, climate is often completely ignored when addressing the walkability of an environment, and whether it supports outdoor activities. It is accepted that a public space will just not be used in the rain, and seldom visited in the cold.

Luckily, Lisbon has a friendly weather and summer has arrived to help us enjoy the urban life. More sunshine than Madrid, Rome or Athens and yet while they all sweat through the Mediterranean summer, there’s usually a breeze blowing off the Atlantic to give Lisbon natural air-conditioning. For this reason, it’s a city where you will always find the most active streets.


All the best from Lisbon,
Daniela Silva


* Este artigo foi originalmente produzido como correspondente da STUDIO Urban Magazine [23/07/2018]

Imagem: Miradouro de Santa Catarina, Lisboa.

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