Letters from the front #5 *

Letters from the front_Daniela Silva #5.jpg

Dear Studio,


Over the last three decades, tourism has been an important role in the regeneration of urban areas in Lisbon. Tourism has contributed to urban revitalization mostly with the recovery of old buildings and to bolstering the country’s economy.

Some parts of the city are losing their identity after being converted into places just for tourists to enjoy. This is a problem that can happen in any city that gets invaded by low-cost tourists, including Lisbon.

What happens when everything around you turns into shops selling cheap souvenirs? Tourists who come to Lisbon will no longer be able to see the best that we have to offer.

Lisbon, as many other cities transformed by the mass of tourism, has now a parallel reality, where the locals have one kind of experience and the tourists are led to believe in a different kind of city, a fabricated city for them to enjoy.


All the best from Lisbon,

Daniela Silva


* Este artigo foi originalmente produzido como correspondente da STUDIO Urban Magazine [07/07/2018]

Imagem: Baixa de Lisboa.

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