How digital fabrication can enable new methods in the architectural practice?*

No seguimento da tese de doutoramento que estou a desenvolver no ramo da Arquitectura Digital, foi publicado um dos meus artigos no congresso SIGraDi, do qual deixo o abstract e o respectivo link de acesso ao artigo completo.



Design methods have always changed, considering that design thinking is bound to the representational medium. Thus, its scope can be expanded by the enlarged possibilities offered by the new media and methodologies. Today, the computational methods are a crucial medium for architectural design. Not only digital media is augmenting our design capacity in profound ways, but also digital fabrication is establishing itself as a core discipline for architecture. It has the power to link digital design information with physical production processes, thus opening the opportunity to materialize ideas, experiments and investigate physical or digital artifacts during the design process.



*Artigo originalmente publicado no contexto do congresso SIGraDi 2017 com o título “Resilience Design” realizado em Novembro de 2017 no Chile.

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