Letters from the front #2 *

Letters from the front_Daniela Silva #2 - Pedro Amorim Photography.jpg

Dear Studio,


This week the city has drastically changed for one day. June 13 means that it’s time for the Festival of Popular Saints. Every year the city dresses with folklore decorations, flower, parties, the sound of Portuguese music and the smell of grilled sardines everywhere. Different cultures coexist with the same purpose.

There are no cars on the roads. Every street in the city center and in the historical neighborhoods is flooded with people. At least for this night, the city is ruled by pedestrians.

The truth is that this kind of event has the power to change a city in so many ways. In this case, the city is transformed into a global open-air market.

It is indeed a magical time.


All the best from Lisbon,


* Este artigo foi originalmente produzido como correspondente da STUDIO Urban Magazine [16/06/2018]

Imagem: Santos Populares, Lisboa. © Pedro Amorim Photography

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